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Sexual Abuse Therapy in Dayton, OH

Sexual abuse can have lifelong impacts, affecting everything from your relationships to your physical and mental health. If you have experienced sexual abuse, seeking professional help is an important first step toward recovery. At Patricia J. Hayes, Psy.D. and Associates, our goal is to help those who have been sexually abused work through the lingering emotional effects in order to move forward toward happier, healthier lives.

If sexual abuse is in your background, there may be times you feel confused. As a result of abuse, some people develop beliefs about themselves that are not true, such as, "I am not worthy", "I have to do what others, especially men, tell me", "It was my fault", "I'm helpless", "I can't trust anyone". We can help you to adopt other thoughts about yourself and your relationships -- beliefs that are built on your current reality.

Keeping secrets intensifies the painful feelings. That's why therapy with a safe, nonjudgmental therapist can help you as you gradually open up about your secrets and become the person you were meant to be.

EMDR is one of the tools that some of the therapists at Patricia J. Hayes, Psy.D. and Associates can use to help you heal from abuse (See the separate section on EMDR).

If you’ve been the victim of sexual abuse, don’t suffer in silence. Call Patricia J. Hayes, Psy.D. & Associates in Centerville, OH to schedule an appointment.